Age of Empires 2
Provisional Rules The rules have not been updated for 2024. The rules are provisional and may be used as reference, but are subject to change at any time while this banner is shown.

Age of Empires 2 #

General Provisions #

These rules inherit all rules from the main rulebook.

These rules apply to all participants of the “Age of Empires 2” tournament (hereinafter “AoE2” or “Game”).

The rules may be available in several languages. If the individual versions differ, the English version is considered the source of the truth.

Tournament Information #

Tournament Platform #

The official tournament platform for this tournament is Battlefy. Please make sure that you have an account:

The official tournament page will be shared via the main communication channel established in the main rulebook.

Tournament Format #

The tournament is played in the following stages:

Stage 1Swiss RoundsBo1This stage is used to determine the 8 players who will advance to the next stage.
Stage 2Single EliminationBo1 / Bo3The bracket will be seeded according to the results of the first stage.

Qualification Swiss System #

In the Swiss-System tournament, there will be a total of four rounds played. After each round, game pairings will be adjusted based on the current player rankings. These rankings are determined by considering the number of games won and lost by each player. Once the four rounds are completed, the top eight players in the rankings will advance to compete for the tournament victory. In the event of a tie for the eighth place after the four rounds, the ranking will be automatically calculated to determine the final eight participants.

More information about the Swiss System can be found here.

Schedule #

The first appointment for the team representative will be the briefing on Saturday at 15:30. The tournament itself will start one hour later at 16:30. All players must be at the location at the start of the tournament.

Settings #

Game Version #

The game is played with the latest version of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

Server #

The game is played on the official “westeurope” server.

Lobby Settings #

The following settings must be set and checked before each game.

Lobby Settings for SwitzerLAN 23

Game Settings #

The following settings must be set and checked before each game.

Game Settings for SwitzerLAN 23

Mods #

Only those mods that do not unfairly affect the game are allowed.

Game Account #

Each player plays with their own game account.

Map Pool #

  • Arabia
  • Arena
  • African Clearing
  • Gold Rush
  • Four Lakes
  • Acropolis

Map Selection Process #

Swiss Rounds #

The last named player can pick the map.

Single Elimination #

In a best-of-1 match, the lower seeded player chooses the map. In a best-of-3 match, the first game is always played on Arabia. Afterward the loser of the previously played game chooses the map.

Civilization Draft #

Players may pick any civilization, but may not repeat any civilization in a match. This means that if, for example, a match lasts for three games, players will have played three different civilizations each (also known as “hidden pick, no repeat”).

Playing Situations #

Disconnect or Game Crash #

The player remaining in the game should save the game. The game should then be restored to the last available point in time.

End of Game #

The winner is the player who has the most points after 700 years (60 in-game minutes). Of course, a player also wins if the opponent surrenders prior to the time limit.