Apex Legends
Provisional Rules The rules have not been updated for 2024. The rules are provisional and may be used as reference, but are subject to change at any time while this banner is shown.

Apex Legends #

General Provisions #

These rules inherit all rules from the main rulebook.

These rules apply to all participants of the Apex Legends tournament.

The rules may be available in several languages. If the individual versions differ, the English version is considered the source of the truth.

Tournament Information #

Tournament Platform #

Discord will be used as the tournament platform.

More info will be shared via the main communication channel established in the main rulebook.

Tournament Format #

An unspecified amount of battle royal rounds will be played, allowing teams to gather points. These points are carried over into each next round.

When a team starts a round with 50 points, and gets first place during that round, they win the tournament.

The second and third place in the tournament are based on the top 2 teams with the most points.

Schedule #

The first appointment for the team representative will be the briefing on Saturday at 19:00. The tournament itself will start one hour later at 20:00. All players must be at the location at the start of the tournament.

Game Settings #

Players will be provided with a tournament code.

Point system #

Kills #

1 Point per kill

Placement #


Skins #

Skins are allowed.