Provisional Rules The rules have not been updated for 2024. The rules are provisional and may be used as reference, but are subject to change at any time while this banner is shown.

osu! #

General Provisions #

These rules inherit all rules from the main rulebook.

These rules apply to all participants of the osu! tournament (hereinafter “osu” or “Game”).

The rules may be available in several languages. If the individual versions differ, the English version is considered the source of the truth.

Tournament Information #

Entry Restrictions #

There are no rank restrictions for LAN tournaments unless specified. Map selectors and organizers are not allowed to participate in the tournament.

Tournament format #

This years osu! Switzerlan tourney will be played in a 2v2 format. Players will sign up as teams through the Switzerlan website. This tournament will be played on the new osu!lazer client using the default osu!lazer scoring.

Qualifiers #

The tournament starts with a qualifier system. The teams will play in self reffed lobbies. Each team must play in their own lobby. Upon entering the lobby the players must immediately send their match link to a tournament administrator. In osu!lazer the match link can be found on your profile inside the “multiplayer” tab at the top. The advancing teams will be determined by adding the combined normalized team scores accross the whole qualifier pool and comparing it to the other teams. The top 16 teams will advance. Teams will be allowed 2 playthroughs of the mappool which must be done in the same lobby. The best combined team score per map will be used for the calculations. The qualifier lobbies must be finished by 21:45.

Bracket #

The tournament continues in a double elimination format. Teams who lose a match continue playing in the losers bracket. Participants who lose a match in the losers bracket will be completely eliminated from the tournament.

After both brackets have concluded, the winners of the two brackets compete in the grand finals at the Herofest osu! booth. If the winner of the losers bracket wins, an additional match will be played. However, if the player from the winner’s bracket wins, he wins the tournament.

Map pool size and match length for each round are as follows:

RoundSizeBest of
Qualifier9 maps
Ro16/8, L1-212 maps7
Ro4/2, L3-616 maps9
Grand Finals18 maps11

Mappool #

This tournament iteration will have a different mappool format than usual. Instead of having a strict amount of maps per mod and per stage we opted to focus on skillsets first and on forced mods secondary. This means that a map such as nomod 5, which historically has been associated with nomod speed, may also be a doubletime map.

We have also opted to replace all the nomod maps by freemod maps. Players may choose any or multiple of the following mods: nomod, hidden, hardrock unless otherwise specified. HR is generally disallowed in reading picks, which will be noted on the mappool sheet.

Players are not forced to pick a mod in the FM mappool. The bonus scores provided by the mods in the FM category will be awarded.

In the forced mod pools such as EZ, HD, HR, DT, DTHR players are not allowed to pick additional mods.

Tiebreaker #

In the event of a Tiebreaker both teams ban one of the remaining 3 maps of the mappool and dm their ban to the ref. In self reffed stages players must notifcy a tournament admin (Paddington or Relos). The remaining map will act as Tiebreaker. If both teams ban the same map the Tiebreaker will be decided by roll of the remaining 2 maps

Match procedures #

Lobby Creation #

The players open up their own lobbies. This tournament will be fully self reffed until the Grand Finals.

Roll and warmups (Brackets only) #

At the beginning of a match, the captain of each team executes a !roll command.

The team with the highest roll points will have their warmup played first. Warmup maps may not be longer than four minutes and may not contain questionable or offensive material of any kind. Players are free to choose mods when playing a warmup map. Bans will be in succession meaning: !roll -> warm-up -> 1 Ban -> 1 Ban -> (2 Ban -> 2 Ban) -> Pick

The roll winner may choose the ban order.

First ban will be the first pick.

Picks #

In this tournament iteration teams will have the option to force a mod onto the FM mappool for the whole lobby. This may be any of the following mods: nomod, hidden, hardrock, provided that they are not disallowed according to the mappool sheet. The amount of forced mod picks per team is as follows:

RoundForcemod Picks
Ro16/8, L1-21
Ro4/2, L3-61
Grand Finals2

Bans #

There will be no bans available for the players during qualifiers.

During Ro16/8, L1-2 teams will be granted 1 ban each.

During grand finals and Ro4/2, L3-6, teams will be granted 2 bans each.

Map Rules #

Once started, the map must be played until the end. The qualifier score of a map is determined by the scores submitted to the /mp/ link. A player’s score is counted as long as he does not quit during the map. If a map is played on the wrong settings e.g. wrong mod or score system, it will be replayed.

Lobby behaviour #

Behaviour during and between matches underlies the global osu! and switzerLAN rules. Players are expected to be respectful to staff and to each other during matches. In extreme cases, the tournament management may disqualify a player for excessive disruptions and rule violations.

Rematches #

In case a player disconnects during a map, the admins may allow a replay subject to

the following conditions:

  • Bancho messed up

Lobby Settings #

Team vs. Team #

NameCHLAN: (Team 1) vs (Team 2)
Game modeosu! std
Team modeHead to Head
Win conditiondefault osu!lazer scoring

The room should be locked

!addref Command

Qualifier #

NameCHLAN: (Team) vs (Qualifier X*)
Game modeosu! std
Team modeHead to Head
Win conditiondefault osu!lazer scoring

The room should be locked

(*corresponding Stage 1-3)