Rocket League
Provisional Rules The rules have not been updated for 2024. The rules are provisional and may be used as reference, but are subject to change at any time while this banner is shown.

Rocket League #

General Provisions #

These rules inherit all rules from the main rulebook.

These rules apply to all participants of the Rocket League tournament (hereinafter “RL” or “Game”).

The rules may be available in several languages. If the individual versions differ, the English version is considered the source of the truth.

Tournament Information #

Tournament Platform #

The official tournament platform for this tournament is Battlefy. Please make sure that each member of your team has an account.

Tournament Format #

The tournament is played in the following stages:

QualifiersSwiss RoundsBo3Top 16 teams qualify for the playoffs.
PlayoffsDouble EliminationBo5The bracket will be seeded according to the result of the qualifier

The amount of swiss rounds played during the qualifiers will adapt based on the total amount of teams participating.

Schedule #

The first appointment for the team representative will be the briefing on Friday at 20:00. The Tournament itself will start one hour later at 21:00. All players must be at the location at the time of the briefing.

Game Settings #

Game ModeSoccar
Team Size3v3
Match Length5 minutes

Map Pool #

  • DFH Stadium
  • Mannfield
  • Champions Field
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Urban Central,
  • Beckwick Park
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Aquadome
  • Forbidden template

Both night and day version are allowed. The Stormy and Snowy are not allowed.

Map Picking #

The 1st map is of each round is DFH Stadium. The losing team chooses the map for next round.